TechnoTutor Product Blog – Trying out Something New – Static Website Generator

For one of the latest web projects I worked on, I decided to try something new: Instead of using a fully featured CMS, like WordPress, I used Jekyll – Static Website Generator. I choose it because:

  • Once the website is deployed, it requires zero maintenance – there is no database or backend code to upgrade.
  • Probably the most secure solution possible – there is no dynamic code powering the website, it’s just HTML.
  • Apart from adding new content, I want to be able to forget about a website – the above two points allow this.

So far it looks like that this is an awesome solution for a particular kind of requirements. Check out TechnoTutor Product Blog for the end result.

New projects in 2012

These are some of the projects I’ve launched during 2012. This year was interesting as I switched from mainly using PHP as a backend language to Ruby (on Rails). Switching to Ruby was a welcome refreshment, the syntax is so close to natural language. I really enjoy the way it allows one to express the idea in code. There is little I need to say about Rails.

Here are the projects I’ve been busy with this year:

Equal Money System website redesign

Desteni I Process redesign

EQAFE – Self-Perfection Merchadise

New website –

Another project succesfully finished and launched. A simple presentation for a Slovak company providing services for laboratories in construction. I provided and executed the whole presentation, from graphic design to integration with WordPress content management system.

Keywords: Služby pre skúšobné laboratóriá v stavebníctveOrganizácia a vyhodnocovanie experimentov zhodnosti pre skúšobné laboratóriáTechnické merania, analýzy a posudky v oblasti kvality a statiky stavieb.


Programming as quatum reality

A while ago I posted on my personal blog about quatum reality and the analogy to programming.

Wallpaper fun

I’ve set a task for myself to expand my skills each day by learning something new either in programming or in design.

Today I’ve worked with a simple tutorial for Illustrator – How to Create an Abstract Desktop Wallpaper.

Here’s the finished wallpaper, free for download and use. I quite like it.

Git Tip: Fast commit alias

Often the changes I do to my working copy are small and I don’t want to waste time with explaining what it is. So I’ve created a bash alias to do a commit with a generic message for me:

alias gcf='git commit -a -m "fast commit"'

Job Offer: Dave is looking for Facebook developers

Are you familiar with developing for Facebook? Dave B. is looking for some. Drop him a line at dbrown0710 AT if you’re looking for a job.

Adobe’s Invasive Software

I just removed the following LaunchAgents & Daemons from my Snow Leopard:

  • /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.adobe.SwitchBoard.plist
  • /Library/LaunchAgents/com.adobe.CS5ServiceManager.plist
  • /Library/LaunchAgents/com.adobe.AAM.Updater-1.0.plist

Best to move to some other directory, just in case you need them later for some reason. Photoshop works fine.

So the point is, why can’t Adobe just ask on install:

  • Do you want automatic updates enabled?
  • Do you want an application to bridge Adobe AIR and CS products running all the time?

No, I don’t. When I want to update, I press a button. Every service running on the machine is added security risk and it consumes resources.

Some useful command line tools

It’s about time I got myself familiar with some of the core UNIX command line tools. No matter how good the GUI applications look like and work, when using command line alternatives the stuff gets done faster and it’s less prone to error.

I am talking here especially about FTPing stuff around. I’ve using Cyberduck so far but there were some bugs in the recent release and I’ve also read about the comparison of speed vs command line tools. It’s slower.

So I’ve learned to use rsync and lftp. It’s pure awesomeness. I can’t imagine going back to dragging files around in the GUI.

Also I’ve learned some basic Vim usage. It’s the fastest way to do quick .htaccess edits, or turning on/off CakePHP debug mode on the server and similar stuff. I realize some programmers use it full time for their work, but to go there Textmate shouldn’t have to exist.

Setting up Access Point for my Wi-fi network

Today I’ve finally learned how to “bridge” two routers. One connecting to the internet trough ADSL and the second one providing Wi-fi on the other end of house, connected to the first one trough LAN. It’s pretty simple actually, yet without a guide I wouldn’t have done it – meaning either I am extremely stupid with computers!? – or the networking technology is not made for reasonably intelligent human beings.

So here’s a cool guide for setting up an AP (Access Point) using a router.